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Portugal is a country which is very often called European province but at the same it’s considered to be Europe’s hidden paradise and there are lots of people around the world who dream to travel Portugal. In case you travel Portugal you’ll see and understand yourself that this is an amazing and picturesque country. Portugal is really small country but it has it’s fascinating distinctive features which attract even experienced tourists and visitors.

Originality of Portugal can be seen in everything in architecture of Portugal, in art of Portugal, in festivals in Portugal and even in hotels of Portugal, even if it is a cheap hotel. In comparison with other European countries Portugal is a country which attracts its tourists and visitors not only with historic places but also with its sea resorts. Portuguese holidays with cheap tickets from expedia.com. If you travel Portugal, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to combine both visiting best sightseeings and attractions in Portugal and have an unforgettable rest on Portuguese beaches. For cheap flights UK to Faro, book with BMI Baby, prices from £9.99 from travel agent.


In case you decided to travel Portugal, we suggest that you choose a suitable tour out of great number of tours around Portugal or travel Portugal on your own as far as the country is not big at all and it will be really pleasant and not very difficult to travel Portugal. Besides for an individual tour you won’t need much more money than for any organized by tour operators tour. When you travel Portugal, you should remember that all cities in Portugal are situated very close to each other, so moving around Portugal won’t be difficult at all and at the same time you’ll have an opportunity to see whatever you’d like to see. Do remember that if you for example travel Portugal by car, you should necessarily make sure that you know enough about speed limits, traffic, driving and parking regulations in Portugal.

Holiday home Portugal always attracted its tourists and visitors by its seaside resorts and stable weather conditions. All seasons except winter are warm but summer is really hot and perfect for bathing and sun burning. One more reason to travel Portugal is a great variety of available adventures in Portugal. This country is really perfect place for surfing, climbing, horse riding, canoeing, mountain biking and paragliding. Madeira is one of the best places for adventures. The island is a perfect place for canoeing as well as for sea-based activities. Diving is very popular activity among the tourists. All those who are eager to dive can explore crystal-clean ocean and its fascinating underwater life. Moreover everyone who wants to learn how to dive or surf can consult instructors who are always ready to help.

Don’t even hesitate, travel Portugal and see everything with your own eyes! It is a great place to visit with friends and also makes for a fantastic family holiday with the kids.

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