– Chapitô à Mesa

This restaurant is part of a circus school complex and serves fun, informal food with a delightful twist – either in terms of choice of ingredients or presentation. There is a wood-fired grill for mains but plenty of lighter options. Make a reservation (+351 21 885 5550) and request one of their two window seats, which offer some of the best views in Lisbon.

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– Tó do Marisco

For seafood in Lisbon, go to Tó do Marisco, in Carnide, close to the Benfica football stadium. This place has the most amazing mariscada, which basically consists of a variety of seafood, served with fries and a delicious sauce. For afternoon drinks, seek out Noobai – at a viewpoint called Adamastor. It’s perfect to have a bottle of white wine and watch the sunset while enjoying one of the most beautiful views in town. Later, have a cocktail at Park, another bar with a view of the city at the top of a car park close to Bairro Alto

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– Cafe Santiago, Porto

This is the best place to eat Porto’s speciality francesinha sandwich, usually filled with steak or finely cut ham and covered in melted cheese and a rich sauce made with tomatoes and beer – with a fried egg and plate of chips for dipping. The restaurant has a friendly staff and atmosphere, low prices and traditional decor, and you will almost certainly be dining with the locals.

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