Nazaré is a town in Portugal in the district of Leiria and in the sub-region of Oeste. The town is a well known tourist spot with its major appeal being the long sandy beaches. The town is which located on the offshore of the Atlantic Ocean is mostly crowded by tourists during the summer and is considered by most as having the best beaches in Portugal. Nazaré was previously famous for its tradition customers worn by the fishermen and their wives and up to date some of the costumes can be timely seen. The town is divided into 3 sections namely O Sítio, old town on top of a cliff, A Praia, along the beach and Pederneira which is an old top situated on a hilltop.
The town’s history dates back to the 4th century which according to folklore got its name from a statue of the Virgin Mary that was imported by a monk from Nazareth to a monastery nearby the city of Merida in Spain. It was brought to its present place by another monk accompanied by the king. The monk was buried and on top of his grave is the statue of the Black Madonna.


Nazaré Beach
Nazaré Beach                                                          source:

The first church in Nazaré, the chapel of Capela da Memoria, was built in 1182 to remember a miraculous event believed to have been done by the Virgin Mary who saved the life of a knight by the name Dom Fuas Roupinho. Another which goes by the name of the Church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré was found in the 14th century was later renovated in the 17th, 18th and 19th Century.
The town of Nazaré which is famous for its sandy beaches attracts a large number of tourists for vacations that come to enjoy some of the best beaches in Portugal. Nazaré is also the most famous fishing village in Portugal as it is equipped with numerous colorful fishing boats with narrow curved prows and decorated interior. As if the fishing village is not enough, Nazaré has a museum, Casa Museu do Pescador, dedicated to the fishing inhabitants in the village. The museum is equipped with traditional cottage as well as other fishing equipments.

Nearby places that may be of interest to the visitors include Sao Martinho do Porto beach which is popular for its calm and relaxing shallow waters is down south 3 miles away from the town. Coimbra is another place that is easily reachable by a bus and is well known for its sun bathing beaches. Nazaré is a town that has got just about everything, from the nice warm beaches to the historical churches; it is the ideal place for a tourist to visit.