Situated in the northwestern parts of Portugal, this compelling tourist destination of Braga has a lot in store to attract the attention of the tourists. As one of Europe’s oldest Christian cities, there is no dearth of churches at Braga. Soaked in history that date back to the pre-historic times, Braga is now nicknamed as the ‘Portuguese Rome’ for the simple reason that the region is one of the main centers of religious architecture. Braga has plenty to offer the tourists, as this beautiful city is also known for the back alleys and streets.

The City Walls that date back to the King Dinis period is an attraction that kindles the curiosity of the visitor. The remnants of the wall that include the Gate, the Tower of St Sebastian among other towers are the testimonial evidence to reassure the region’s historic past. The Paco Arquiepiscopal Bracarense, an extraordinary assembly unveils unique designs pertaining to various periods. You can drink down the Baroque style and the Gothic style construction as when you visit this splendorous landmark in Braga.

Braga, Basilica of Sameiro
Braga, Basilica of Sameiro

There is yet another historical splendor that produces a magical effect on the visitors. The House of Coimbras that dates back to the year 1471 incites the interest of tourists, and this historic wonder found at the Santa Cruz square ought to be visited as when a tourists makes a tour of Braga. The most precious and exquisite work of art can be seen at the Braga Cathedral. This is considered to be one of the significant monuments that bring out the historic importance of this region. The elaborately carved choir stall, the Treasury of Cathedral as well as the Museum of Sacred Art quenches the thirst of the inquisitive traveler. It is also an architectural splendor that is the result of a deadly mix pertaining to various styles.

The Biscainhos Museum unveils collections pertaining to decorative arts, as the visitor can come across porcelain and glass items as well as Old Portuguese clocks and watches at this museum. The building has a 17th century story to tell, and the original gardens found here is a delightful spectacle. Another jewel in the crown of Braga happens to be the Raio Palace, which is known for the notable buildings and the forged iron work found in the balconies pertaining to the noble floor.

The visitor to Braga gets lost as he has to vie with his time and energy to visit the various marvels at Braga. Other attractions that deserve a visit include the Old Archbishops Palace, Capela Salvador Saviour and three important sanctuaries that are not far off from this city.