Espinho beach resort receives hundreds of thousands of visitors every year because of the wide range of attractions within it. Espinho is a renowned beach resort located in the North Portugal. It started as a minute fishing village, with the locals mainly practice catching fish as their main economic activity. Over the years, it has been growing to the enormous tourist attraction resort it is today.
There are many things that draw guests to it. They range from the amenities, interesting sites and the culture of the locals that is worth sampling and documenting. On the side of the amenities, this town has everything you need, from hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars, etc. Once you get into the town, finding cheap and reasonable accommodation is very easy. You are also definitely going to love the local cuisine, and one particular famous stew prepared from fish is a favorite among visitors and locals alike.
Tourists also enjoy sampling a bit of history while they tour around the town. One of the best places to visit is an ancient monastery known as the Sao Salvador. It is famous for being occupied by many generations of Portuguese royal families. Another prominent historical site is an archaeological site that is located on the southern part of the Sao Salvador in the village of Paramo. This spot has the remains of an Iron Age village which had been named Castro d’Ovil.


The culture of the locals is something else that is worth admiring. If you are a gambler especially, you are definitely going to fall in love with the resort because of the year round gambling that goes on. Apart from this, the locals also practice seasonal bull fighting, an event that is very captivating to watch.
Espinho enjoys a favorable climate especially during summer, when the temperatures are suitable for fishing, swimming and other water related activities like surfing and sun-bathing. Just sitting by the beach side during such seasons is very relaxing as you get to enjoy the cool sea breeze courtesy of the Atlantic winds.
There are many fishing boats around the resort that you can hire and take a fishing adventure through the waters. The waters too are rich in fish and therefore, there is no chance that you are going to have an ‘unsuccessful’ fishing trip. Therefore, next time you are in Portugal and you feel like enjoying the beach; consider making a trip to the Espinho

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