Serra de Sao Mamede Natural Park

Serra de Sao Mamede Natural Park

This natural reserve in Portugal is positioned in the region that borders Spain and Portugal. The natural park was specifically established for the sole purpose of protecting the wildlife and plants as well as preserving the local and traditional life. This being a natural reserve attracts tourists from different destinations who come to experience what these natural phenomena has to offer.

The innate park has over 800 different species of plants found within its area. Plants such as Cork oak, Holm oak, Pyrenean oak and sweet chestnuts can easily be spotted in the park. Vast plantations of Maritime pine, Olive and Eucalyptus. One is also likely to encounter plenty of wild flowers during spring and early in the summer.

The different types of wild animals will surely be of interest to any tourist visiting the place. Among the different species of animals, one is set to encounter in the place include the Cabrera’s vole, the European otter, the Iberian lynx and the Iberian wolf. There are some species of animals that can be found wandering around the park while some of the vertebrate animals like midwife toad and the Iberian frog are found along the river banks. Bird watchers may also be interested in the many different types of bird species such as the Egyptian vulture, the Bonellis eagle and the Kestrels that are found flying all across the park. There are numerous bats in the park mostly because it is the habitat of the largest colony of bats in Europe.

The various transportation methods that can be used to get to the park include air transportation, road transportation and rail transportation. Air transportation cannot be achieved directly as the nearest Airport terminal is miles away, instead one may use different transportation channels such as road or rail to get to the park. Bus transportation is a fast and cheap way to get to the park as well as renting a car, which is a more better as it provides flexibility. Tour services into the natural park are also offered to all tourists visiting the place.

The natural park was established in 1989 is the perfect place to take a walk, hike or a vacation as it is situated in a rural and calm environment. The park is also situated close to popular historical sites such as Marvão and Castelo de Vide thus providing a wide range of places to visit.

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