Praia D’El Rey

Praia D’El Rey

Praia D’El Rey is a beach and golf resort in Portugal, 106 km North of Lisbon on the West Atlantic coast of Portugal. The resort is positioned between Obidos Lagoon and the fishing town of Peniche. Praia D’El Rey is a popular tourist destination due to its fantastic sandy beaches and its wonderful golf grass fields. Tourists can also undergo golf courses in the area if they wish to. The resort has a favorable climatic condition with no extreme temperatures since it is located on the off shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The resort got its name from Serra D’El-Rei which is home to the famous castle where Peter I of Portugal met with his mistress, Dona Inês. The history of the resort is shown in its street names. The place was originally bought late the 1960’s by a group of investors in order to develop the place into a major tourist attraction site. The resort was not developed until late in the 90’s where it became a popular tourist resort destination.

Praia D'El Rey

Praia D’El Rey

The various methods of transportation to get to the resort include air transportation, rail transportation and road transportation. Since the resort is near to Lisbon, air transportation is easily accessed through the International Airport in Lisbon. Train transportation to the resort can be done through connected channels by using other means of transport. Road transportation is the best way to travel to Praia D’El Rey as it is cheap and easily accessible. Bus services are offered from all over Portugal to Praia D’El Rey while rental cars and taxis are always available for transport services.

Praia D'El Rey golf course

Praia D’El Rey golf course

Despite Praia D’El Rey having nothing to offer in terms of historical artifacts it has a lot to offer in terms of surfs surfing, body boarding, beach volleyball and golfing. Tourist can fully enjoy the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and also go diving in one of the nearby islands, Berlenga Islands. The resort has outstanding accommodation provided by the five star Marriott hotels which is at the centre of the resort. The hotel which is the only five star hotels on the west coast of Portugal is equipped with both an outdoor and  indoor swimming pools, three bars and restaurants, 179 accommodation rooms together with sea viewing suites and many more. The hotel is also equipped with a magnificent golf ground and is regularly used by the Portuguese national football team to train. Praia D’El Rey is an outstanding beach and golf resort that is well above other regular resorts and a perfect place for a fantastic getaway. (photo: Gerhard Palnstorfer, grubsroom)

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