Known to be the birth place of one of the oldest universities in Europe, Coimbra is situated in the central parts of Portugal, and is distanced by about 195 kilometers from Lisbon. The university that got initiated during the period of King Dinis catapults Coimbra as one of the oldest learning centers in the world. This city boasts of its historical significance, and though the city is small, there are great many attractions that interest the tourists.

Coimbra historic town

The obvious choice that would attract the immediate attention of a traveler happens to be the university, which unveils some fine buildings. The ancient treasure of Joao V Library that is equipped with rosewood tables and superb frescoes take the visitor by surprise. The Old Cathedral embracing the Romanesque style and Se Nova, the New Cathedral, are other places that deem a visit. The Old Cathedral reminds us of an old fortress, as the tomb pertaining to Bishop of Almeida, an altar erected in the Gothic style that is huge, and the splendid architecture are some of the significant features that attract the attention of the visitors.

The most significant monastic house of the olden times, the Santa Cruz Monastery is yet another architectural splendor that holds the visitors in awe. The Botanical Gardens at Coimbra happens to be one of the spectacular delights unveiled by this region. An elegant garden in the making, there are numerous rarities that kindle the curiosity of the traveler, and the visitor also is let into a huge collection related to fountains and statues at this garden.

The tourist also has many other options during his tour of Coimbra.  The town of Montemor-o-Velho, lying to the westerly direction of Coimbra is another significant attraction. The holiday resort town of Figueira da Foz and the charming Santa Comba Dao provide variety as when the tourist is looking to visit many places.

A bus ride or a short drive from Coimbra takes the tourist to Conimbriga, and the visit to this early Roman Settlement is well worth the efforts that go into it. Conimbriga reeks of historical significance, as the Museu de Conimbriga that unveils the historical evolution pertaining to the site also lets the visitor know about the vitality of this historical city. This is brought to light by the various objects that are exposed at this site. Gois, a town that is distanced by 40 kilometers from Coimbra and which lies in a deep valley is another important attraction that lures the attention of tourists during the tour of Coimbra. A visitor is struck by the various possibilities here, as the time and energy of the tourists matters most as when it comes to the selection of the places to visit.

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