The town of Obidos is an attractive place worth visiting. Fortunately, the location is just about one hour drive from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon. This avails visitors to the capital city the opportunity to call at this wonderful city. To get to Obidos, you can come on a personal car or catch a train.

Obidos offers a lot of beautiful sights for visitors. However, to have the best of moments, it is better to visit at a time when the lagoon will not be as jam packed as the regular times. The alluring white washed buildings with roofs made from fired clay are usual sites where tourists are found. A description of Obidos cannot be complete without the charming flowers that mark the town. Here there are the geraniums, morning glory and bougainvillea. This town in spite of its commercial nature has retained its quaint vista, especially the battlemented walls. Story has it that the lovely town of Obidos was a gift that Dinis gave to his pretty heartthrob, Isabella when the two visited. The general notion is that this practice continued with subsequent monarchs.

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If visiting Obidos with a personal car, there is very likely to be difficulty in navigating through town, due to the contracted roads that characterize it. Therefore it is advisable to park outside the town. Really, to have a remarkable look at Obidos, you have to get in through the gate and approach the Rua Direita.  On this street, there are shops where souvenirs can be purchased. Sitting on the landscape of the town is the 16th century parish Church which showcases tiles that date back to that time.

In this place, there are number of restaurants that offer quality services as regards Estremadura cuisine. The Dom Joao V at the outskirt is also a good place if the eateries in the interior look crowded for your liking. Here you can have very good wine too.

The month of June is a wonderful time to visit Obidos. This is because of a remarkable event, the old-fashioned market that takes place at that time of the year. This is the Mercado Medieval de Obidos. In this market is always available regional cuisine, which every visitor is bound to fall in love with.

The town of Obidos is an attractive place worth visiting


The lagoon is some minutes walk away from town. Sincerely, one of the highlights of a visit to Obidos will be a seeing the fine, nearly silvery sand. This is why this area of Portugal is referred to as the Silver Coast. Really, the lagoon has been made safe for visitors who would like to spend some time swimming. Also, on this site are very good places to resort. Lovers of fish will surely have a memorable time here.