Marvao is a municipality in Portugal that is located in Portalegre District in Alatenejo. It is considered to be one of the finest fortified villages in Portugal since is situated on a 900 meter rock. Marvao has a very favorable climate with no record of extreme temperatures and is located in one of the warmest regions in Portugal hence it attracts a large number of tourists due to its position.
Road transportation is the only way to reach the village as it is very remote since it is situated in the far interior. There is a bus service transportation daily which links to Marvao but there are only about two trips in a day so any person planning to go to the village should be on time for the bus arrival.

Marvao Castle
Marvao Castle

The place has a number of attractive sights that any tourist will surely enjoy to visit. The Marvao Castle is a spectacular 13th century castle stands on top of the village with an overview of the surrounding. Igreja do Espírito Santo is another remarkable site which is 16th century chapel that will for sure be of attention to any visitor traveling to the village. The village cultural history and findings can be located at the Municipal Museum of Marvao while other ruins and historical sites such as the town walls and the 14th century Gothic church can be found within the village.
Other sites the tourist may find interesting include Castelo de Vide which is a spa town located 13km north of Marvao, Convento de Nossa Senhora da Estrela which is the covenant of Our Lady of the Star and was founded in 1448. The Roman Ruins of Ammaia which include temples, houses and Roman roads can be found 6km south of Marvao while Portalegre town is also situated in the south of Marvao with a cathedral, 3 covenants’ and a couple of restaurants.

The Marvao Chestnut Festival is held over the weekend in November bringing the locals together in celebrating as they roast chest nuts and taste new blendes of wine. Tourists can as well choose to visit Serra de Sao Mamede Natural Park to explore the whole region surrounding the village. Accommodation is also provided in the village the Pousada de Marvao hotel which has converted two of the traditional houses in the village into a comfy and classy hotel. Marvao is one of the fantastic remote villages that are yet to be explored but very attractive to any tourist that wishes to explore such a stunning location.

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