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Lisbon Hotels


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There are many hotels in Lisbon. Among them the best Top three 5 Star Hotels include the following: Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, Sheraton Lisbon hotel & Spa Lisbon and Grand Lisbon Hotel & Spa Lisbon.


The Corinthia Hotel provides accommodation that is comfortable and facilities that are handy making it the top hotel choice to spend and relax during holidays. The Sheraton Lisbon hotel & Spa gives exclusive accommodation, a   service that is of extremely high level and a considerable number of hotel facilities that enhance a memorable stay of guests.


Found in the hugely exciting areas in Lisbon, VIP Grand Lisbon Hotel and restaurant happens to be  one of the city’s  latest hotels  and provides the visitors with all the facilities required in a highly advanced manner


As far as logistics is concerned, Corinthia Hotel Lisbon’s location is near the best wish to visit areas  in Lisbon. Its accessibility is well placed with public transport at the hotel’s entrance  and the  Lisbon’s Zoo, one of the Europe’s greatest, found just near the street.


There are more than 500 rooms that comprise of the latest comforts contained in this hotel. The Executive Club which gives a great area for relaxing and leisure is found right away at the upstairs of the hotel.


With the Tipico Restaurant having cuisine that is of Portuguese tradition and superb breakfast buffet at the Sete Colinas Restaurant besides Tempus Lounge bar that cannot be missed, this hotel commands a large following of guests during their visit in Lisbon for  the perfect relaxation starting from 85 euros.


For the hotel Sheraton & Spa Lisbon, the hotel is located at the center of Lisbon and near the center of history, and  one can reach the main  district for shopping and the center of city nightlife. There is public transportation a few steps from the Hotel’s entrance.


With cost of about 128 euros, one can use some of the numerous facilities available at this hotel that include its 369 luxurious rooms with a modern Spa of 8 rooms, a swimming pool that is heated, Jacuzzi, center for chilling out sauna and an exciting fitness.

Lastly for the VIP Grand Lisbon Hotel , the hotel is found exactly in Lisbon’s business area and historical center. It has one hundred and sixty four units for accommodation  that are beautifully decorated. With prices from 81 euros one can be served with delicious dishes of this Hotel in its site restaurants.


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