Lisbon Obidos tours

Lisbon Obidos tours

If you want an experience that will make you travel back in time then this day trip to the Medieval town of Obidos is the experience for you!

North of Lisbon you will find the true medieval town of Obidos, considered by many the prettiest town in Portugal. Throughout the centuries the Kings have given this town as a gift to the Portuguese Queens being aware of its character and strategic importance to the region. In Obidos all of this royal tradition was kept till today including the old wall that surrounds the whole city. 

Accompanied by our English speaking guide you will enter the walled town and all of a sudden you will be surrounded by pretty houses all immaculately white washed and framed with blue and yellow stripes in a contrast worth of a thousand pictures.

Don’t be surprised by the smell of sugar and alcohol as you walk by since the local cherry liquor served in a chocolate cup is the most well known appetizer.

Passing by the main square and Church of Santa Maria you will reach the castle, transformed into a beautiful Pousada and, from its ramparts you will be able to say that you now know what life was like in the past.

This tour is operated in a luxury vehicle as you tour the majestic sites of Portugal.

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