Leiria is a city in Portugal that is located in the Centro Region, in Leiria Municipality and is the capital of Leiria District. The city is geographically situated between River Lis and Castle Hill. Leiria is a popular tourist destination as it has a lot to offer in terms of history, sight seeing and traditional culture. The city is also a centre for artisans’ products which are found all over the locality.
There are different methods to get to Leiria which include air transportation, rail transportation and road transportation. Air transportation is facilitated by the nearest airports which are Portela Airport in Lisbon and Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto. From the airport, one can either travel to Leiria by a bus, a taxi or a rented car. Rail transportation is facilitated by the Sud Express which offers daily trips from Paris to Lisbon and all over Europe.

Leiria Castle
Leiria Castle

Leiria is blessed with various sight seeing sites such as Castelo de Leiria Castle which has been listed as a national monument since 1910. The castle stands at the hill tops of the town and has been rebuilt several time after been attacked. Most of the walls in the Castle were reconstructed in 12th century and most of the population then lived behind the Castle walls to prevent being attacked by enemies. The Church of Saint Peter which is the oldest church in Leiria was also built in the 12th Century served as the parish built outside the Castle walls. The Cathedral of Leiria was built in the 16th century and is worth checking out for any body interested in historical buildings.

Leiria town has ancient streets dating back to the 12th Century as well as a local archeological Museum with artworks dating back to the 17th century. Artifacts shops selling crafts mostly from glass can be found along the ancient streets of Leiria town. The crafts are produced from nearby factories which have been making prestigious glass wares for centuries.

The town has nearby sandy beaches just next to the Atlantic Ocean with the most popular resort being Sao Pedro de Moel. Viera de Leiria and S.Pedro de Muel are also some of the fine beaches located in the area. River Lis is also another great spot for going out and exploring. Camping is also a major activity in Leiria which any visitor will obviously find interesting. The town has numerous accommodation services for those who will most like to stay at the town and enjoy more of what it has to offer. Leiria is a town which any one would wish to visit at it is what a modern vocational resort looks like.

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