Guimaraes is a city located in Portugal that and found in Braga locale. It is one of the most medieval cities in Portugal and is deemed to be ‘the birthplace of Portugal’ since it was the first city in Portugal. It was first created in the 9th century, and then called Vimaranes where it was the headquarters of Portugal’s government. It is one of the biggest tourist locations in Portugal due to its historical background. The town is famously known for its ancient buildings which are very significant in considering it as the birthplace of Portugal as one of the most ancient towers in the city is written “Aqui nasceu Portugal” means Portugal was born here.

There are many different avenues for getting to the city including air transportation, road transportation and rail transportation. Air transportation is facilitated by Oporto International Airport terminal which is a few kilometers away from the city. Since the Airport is not in the City, it is best to travel to the city by either a bus or a taxi. Rail transportation, which is the cheapest and the best way to travel to Guimaraes, is facilitated by The Portuguese Company CP which links the town to different location all over the city. Traveling by bus or renting a car is other good options of traveling to the city.

Guimaraes Castle
Guimaraes Castle

Among the many places that may be of attraction to the visitors include The Guimaraes Castle which is located exactly in the city centre. The castle was constructed in the 10th century with the main purpose of defending the City from the Muslims. The tower is one of the greatest momentous hallmarks in Portugal and was categorized as a world a traditional site by UNESCO. Another wonderful place for sightseeing is Dukes of Braganza’s royal residence is a structure that any visitor will feel the urge to know about. The palace is categorized as a national commemoration and is believed to be established around 1420 and 1422.
The Penha Mountain is another outstanding sight that is very attractive to most tourists visiting the area and is the only mountain in Guimaraes. To find the most beautiful place in Guimaraes then Largo da Oliveira is the place you need to be. Casa de Sezim is another place that is worth checking out for any visitor that wants to fully enjoy the city. An escapade to Guimaraes is the perfect fantasy getaway to any tourist that is interested in sight seeing as it offers ancient buildings and fantastic relaxing spots.

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