Estoril is a town resort in the Coast of Estoril and is very near to Lisbon which is Portugal’s capital. The town is well known for its beautiful beaches together with its past history and stunning scenario. It also attracts a large number of tourists mostly because it is near the capital thus offering a fantastic getaway from the entire city’s fuss. Estoril used to be a large fishing port but it later became an international tourist destination after the Second World War.
Traveling to Estoril is easy as it very close to Lisbon. Among the available means of transportation to Estoril include air transportation, rail transportation and road transportation. Air transportation is facilitated by Aeroporto Da Portela International Airport which is the largest airport in Portugal. From the airport, one can either choose to travel by a bus to Estoril or by a taxi. Renting a car is another good option as a rental car is flexible allowing you to travel to just about any place. One may also choose to get to Lisbon by a train and then connect to the interior reaching out to Estoril.

Estoril Beach
Estoril Beach                                                                          source:

For those visiting the town including ancient buildings and sunny waterfronts there is lots to see and many things to do in Estoril. Among the historical buildings that will surely be of interest to most people who have decided to visit the place is the Chalet Barros castle and Forte Da Cruz which is an old fortress that was built to protect the place against Invaders.
The magnificent hill township of Monte Estoril is the home of Verdades-Faria Museum which was built in 1917 and it later housed the Regional Portuguese Music Museum. There is also Roman Mansion in Estoril dating back to about 2000 years ago. Among other enjoyable sites in Estoril are the long sandy beaches that are mostly busy and occupied throughout the year. The climatic condition of the place is favorable as there are no recordings of the place having extreme temperatures.
The town also boasts to be having ‘the largest casino in Europe’ famously known as Casino Estoril. The casino has a reputation of being the meeting point of spy agents and it is behind the inspiration of Ian Fleming’s 007 novel, Casino Royale. The town is also the home ground of Grupo Desportivo Estoril-Praia, which is a major local sports club. Estoril has numerous accommodation services for those visitors planning to stay in the town for long vacation. It is one of those remarkable magic places that have just about everything needed in a vacation.