Castelo de Vide


Castelo de Vide is a municipality village located in the district of Portalegre in the region of Alentejo. The municipality comprises 4 parishes and is headed by a mayor. The town is basically a spa town that is popular among tourists due to its natural surroundings and its spa water that is believed to bring about healing. The town is also known for its historical buildings dating back to thousands of years ago.
The town’s history dates back to 44BC when the Romans first settled in the town as it was an important road linking to Spain. The town was conquered and destroyed in the 4th century and later rebuilt in the 7th century. It was then conquered again in 1148 and in 1180 it was an independent town with its own defense system. The town was ruled by different royals all over the century and protected by a castle and today it is a town with a rich historical background.

Castelo de Vide, Alentejo, Portugal
Castelo de Vide, Alentejo, Portugal

There are different methods of transportation to get to the village such as road transportation which is facilitated by a bus. Bus transportation is the most accessible means of transportation available to get to the village. Renting a car is another good option as this provides flexibility to the tourist. Other means of transportation may be available but one has to use different channels to get to the town.
Among the remarkable sites that are found in the town include the Castelo Castle which within its walls is the 17th century Capela de Nossa Senhora da Algeria which has very attractive tiles. Trips around the castle and the oldest part in the village are free of charge and below the vicinity is where most of the Jews settled after exiled from Spain in 1492. The old Castelo de Vide has very ancient streets with a 13th century synagogue together with the Salvador do Mundo church which is also from the same period of time but it was later renovated in the 18th century.
Visitors may as well take a trip from the village to nearby eye catching locations that are just a few minutes drive away from the town. To the Northwest of the town is Nisa which has historical streets same as Castelo de Vide while to the South is Marvão and Portalegre, two other attractive locations. Down to the Southwest is the small historical town of Crato and to the North East is spa Portalegre. Castelo de Vide is a nice town to dig the past history of Portugal and to explore Archaeological findings.