Berlengas Archipelago



Berlengas archipelago is a group of small Islands about 15 km off the coast of Portugal, near the town port of Peniche. The place has a unique ecosystem especially their fauna and flora and it was made a natural reserve in 1981. Berlengas archipelago attracts a large number of tourists as well as scientist due to its rapid bird population. The islands also offer fantastic relaxing beaches for all its visitors as it is located in a favorable climatic position.

Berlengas archipelago consist of 3 groups of islands namely Ilha Velha, Berlenga Grande and other nearby reefs. The 3 islands are rich in history with ancient sites dating back to the 16th century. There is a fort on the island of Berlenga Grande that was built in 1651 under the king’s order. Forte de São João Baptista is a unique fort that any tourist would wish to spend the night in as it offers night accommodation.       Another fascinating scene in the place is the town of Vila Nova de Cerveira which was found in the 14th century by king Dom Dinis.

Berlenga Island, Berlenga Archipelago
Berlenga Island


The eco-system of the islands attracts a large number of bird species and is one of the best bird viewing sites in Portugal. Among the species found in Berlengas archipelago is the rare purple swamphen that can only be found in the area. There are other numerous different types of birds that will for sure be of interest to any person visiting the area. The famous water dog can also be found in the reserve surroundings.
The marine reserve of Berlengas archipelago has previously been recognized by the Council of Europe as a ‘biosphere reserve’ due to its fantastic and unique natural outline. Sea shells can be collected on the shores of the islands as well as samples of sea plantation. Diving is another activity that is worth trying in Berlengas archipelago for any tourist as the area is blessed with suitable ocean water. Accommodation is not a problem to any visitor planning on staying for a night in the place as there are numerous hotels, restaurants and hostels around.
Transportation to Berlengas archipelago can be through different means which include air transportation, water transportation, and rail transportation and of course, road transportation. Air and rail transportation is provided by the nearest terminal from which one can travel from the air port by either a bus or a taxi. Since Berlengas archipelago is made up of three islands water transportation is the best way to get to the islands. Berlengas archipelago is a fantastic destination with wonderful beaches and historical artifacts, just what is needed for a remarkable stay.