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The word Algarve came from an Arabic word, which means “the west”. It is located in the southernmost part of mainland Portugal. Algarve has a total land area of 5,412 sq. kilometers. The area also has more than 400,000 inhabitants. In addition, this region manages 16 municipalities. It also coincides with the district of Faro, which incorporates the administrative center of the Faro city wherein both the international airport and the public university of the Algarve region are located.


Tourism in this interesting and wonderful region as well as related activities are considered extensive and make up Algarve’s summer economy. Fruit production, seafood and fish including carob beans, figs, almonds and oranges are some of the important activities within the city of Algarve. There are also numerous hotels in Algarve. This region is considered as one of the most famous tourist destinations within the entire country of Portugal. The population in this area almost doubles during the peak seasons due to the high influx of tourists and visitors.


Algarve Praia da Marinha beach


There are numerous vacation hotels in Algarve. There are also numerous wonderful places to stay in this region like the Alvor village which contains a rather charming and modern hotel that is located shortly about 2 kilometers from the beach. There are also luxury hotels in the area. One of the finest resorts in Algarve is the Vila Vita Parc which is placed in the landscape over a cliff. The Vila Vita Parc has captivating and lovely views of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors in Algarve can book an overnight stay in luxury hotels for as low as €370.


Luxury Hotels in Algarve


Vilalara Thalassa Resort – This is the first Thalasso resort in Portugal. It is located at Praia das Gaivota, Alporchinhos. For inquiries, reservations and other concerns, you can contact the hotel staff at +351-289320728 or you can fax them at +351-282320702. Check in time at the hotel is at 2 PM while the checkout time is at 12 PM. The sea where the nature is found of its purest state significantly situates it. It contains tasteful and expressive architecture. This resort is surely a place that is dedicated to the senses and well being.


The Lake Spa Resort – This resort is located at Praia de Falesia – Apartado in Vilamoura, Algarve. For reservations, inquiries and other concerns, you can contact them at +351-289320728 or fax them at +351-289302-702. This is a place wherein the mind and the body can maintain perfect balance and relaxation. This is also the place where the flavors and aromas join nature. The check in time is at 2 PM while the checkout time is at 12 PM the next day. This is an ideal resort if you and your family or your loved one are looking for a unique experience.


Porto Bay Falesia – This resort or hotel is located at Olhos dAgua in Albuferia. For inquiries, reservations and other concerns, you can call this hotel at +351-289-007-700. It is a luxury hotel owned by the famous Porto Bay Hotels and Resorts. It is a perfect place to relax and indulge with what nature has to offer.

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